Tired of those long hours spent washing and packing greens?

 We provide a better way to dry your greens so you save hours each week and sell more of a premium product.

Our online course teaches you how to take a common washing machine and turn it into an extremely efficient way to dry your greens so that you spend less time on the process, get a better quality product, and do it in a food-safe way.

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Our course is instantly available and contains everything you need to make the conversion quick and easy.

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The conversion can be done in as few as 2 hours. We provide several variations based on your preference.

Dry your Greens

Use your machine and start saving time, and producing better quality product in a food safe way.

This System Is Used by Jean Martin Fortier, Curtis Stone, Ray Tyler, Eric Schultz and Thousands of Other Farmers around the World!

Growing Farmers
Ray Tyler- Circle

“We used to struggle drying our greens -it was a slow, complicated, messy system. Implemented Michael’s Dry Your Greens system has been a game changer for our farm and resulted in more time spent with the family.”

Rose Creek Farms

Growing Farmers

“The videos were a big help… definitely helped me feel more confident with the project”

Guy with some DRY greens

Hear Ray walk you through his wash and spin operation here.

We Help You Fight Against The YUCK!

Are you tired of those late nights in the packhouse?

Do you want to speed up your washing system? Process more greens per hour?

Do you ever struggle with shelf life? Do you wish that your greens lasted just a few more days? Or weeks?

Are you worried about food safety? Maybe those inspectors wouldn’t look at your current setup and smile.

Not having the right greens drying system could be costing you thousands of dollar each year- keep reading to find out more!

We’ve helped over 100 people convert washing machines into an efficient greens drying system.

Why should I spend the money?

Converting to one of these machines can actually save you over a thousand dollars this year. Lets say you process 300 lbs of greens each week at 50 lbs an hour. Well, when we double your speed to 100 lbs an hour, that saves three hours a week at $15 dollars an hour for a savings of $45 a week. Lets say you farm 35 weeks out of the year.

That’s a savings of over $1500 in the first year.

Add to that better shelf life, and the peace of mind that its food safe? Priceless!

Or think about what a few customers have done. They bought a washer, attempted the conversion on their own and destroyed it! Then they came to us and we helped them to repair it and get it going. This course is designed to save you time so you don’t have to spend time thinking and messing around with electricity and possibly fry the motor.

How much $$$ are you throwing away with poor or slow germination each year?
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How many lbs per hour will this type of spinner really do?

It takes 70-90 seconds of spin time and then another 90 seconds or so for the basket to slow down. So every three minutes, or 20 times an hour you will be doing another batch. The batches hold between 5-7 lbs of greens. So 90-140 lbs an hour is a reasonable estimation.

If I do the conversion myself, how long will it take?

The first time we did a conversion was about 2-3 hours, but now we can do the entire retrofit in under an hour. If you have never used tools or are technically challenged it might take longer. It takes about an hour to source all the parts.

Does this thing really work?

Yes, farmers across the country are using washing machines to clean greens and it works very well. It makes all the difference in a productive salad system.

How food safe is this system?

Very. Because of the removable basket and stainless steel screws, it’s super easy to keep clean and sanitize. Just make sure to keep the drum washed out and drain clear so it dries out.

What crops can I use this on?

Spinach, lettuce, mesclun, arugula, cress, mustards, saute mix, microgreens, shoots, laundry.. NO- please don’t use it on your laundry.