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Learn how producers just like you are growing their sales and impact by implementing simple techniques in their marketing!



What is the Farmers Market Challenge?

Join us for 15 minutes each day for 5 days for simple tips to help you rock your farmers market or retail stand! Go from sown to SOLD!

How We Teach?

✅ Step-by-Step instructions outlining your tasks

✅ Workbook to keep track of what happens each day

✅ Community accountability and support

What Will You Learn in Just 5 days?

How to target the RIGHT customer that gladly pays what you ask

Not everyone is your customer. And the quicker you can identify who your perfect customer is, the quicker you will see your sales increase and stress go down.

How to charge more and SELL more with simple merchandising tweaks

The BIG brands spend lots of dough learning the customer phycology to get you to buy more. We'll share the retail secrets how you can leverage the same principles on your stand!

How to increase sales from current customers with easy education

Unfortunately, people don't know what to do with your products. We'll teach you simple educational techniques that make your customers the star of their kitchen!

Growing Farmers

“I am so excited to share our success from yesterday. We changed our greeting, implemented tips from the challenge and completely sold out! Thank you so much for the inspiration! ”

Sold-out Farmer!

Growing Farmers

“The info from this video was awesome! I had my best day yet an sold out of damn near everything! ”

Good Seed Farm, MA

Growing Farmers

“At this morning's market, I didn't have time to get signage out before the flock of customers came! All the tips from the challenge we tried worked GREAT!! Love the challenge! ”

Tin Bucket Farms

Growing Farmers

“67% increase in sales over our best day this year. Bigger booth, recipe cards, samples- a HUGE success! We were slammed all day, didn't have time for pictures! ”

Sold-out Farmer

Yes, you CAN have the busiest stand at farmers markets!

Here's what you'll discover in the 5-day challenge...

✅ How to charge more AND sell more with simple customer service techniques which create raving fans!
✅ The right way to set up your stand layout to draw customers in and make them want to buy!
✅ Simple done-for-you way to increase orders of hard-to-sell but profitable items that help you go home empty every time
✅ All delivered over 5 days in an easy to follow, fun format with support, prizes and more!

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We've helped thousands of Farmers Market Vendors grow their sales!

Michael Kilpatrick is a farmer and educator, who believes that anyone can farm if you have the training and support system!

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