Start Selling Microgreen Kits 
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👀Right now, we're seeing an INCREDIBLE uptick in interest in gardening, homesteading, and growing food at home. 

In this mini-course, we'll walk you through everything from sourcing the materials, building the kits, and how to sell them to your customers!
Microgreen kits cost $3-$6 to make (depending on scale and preferences)  and can sell from $15-$20+ 

🌱🌱Grow your own microgreen kits are a product that works GREAT for farmers market, online store, and even as a shipped product. The initial kit has 50-75% margin and the refill kits even better return!!!

In this training, here's what you will learn.
✅All the packaging materials and supplies to put together a beautiful kit that customers will line up to buy

✅Where to source the supplies to give you the maximum profit margin.

✅The exact varieties that work well for this kit and are no fuss for the customers

✅How to build (and market) the refill kits, and what varieties are most popular

✅Copy and paste instructions, labels, and marketing material to help your customers have amazing success!

Templates and Instructions included!

Use our professionally designed templates!

✅We include 4 different box templates that you can customize to make you stand out with professional looking labels!

✅ Add your branding and contact info to our detailed instructions print and digital instructions to to get you off to a fast start.

✅All are created in Word or Canva templates so you can modify in seconds and start using right away!!!!

Start watching the training immediately when you sign up!!

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About the presenters:

Beth Antonic, Providence Hill Farm
Beth Farms with her husband Lex and children at Providence Hill Farm about an hour outside of Toronto, Ontario. They specialize in selling vegetables, prepared foods, and microgreens and kits at area farmers markets and through their online store.
Michael Kilpatrick, Growing Farmers
Michael Kilpatrick is a farmer, presenter, host, inventor and online entrepreneur who lives to help farmers apply business principles and practical, proven solutions to grow their businesses and simplify their lives. He has managed large certified organic farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts, and spoken at dozens of industry conferences.

Beth sells her kits mainly at her farmers markets!

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