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Imagine closing on a farm property only to find out, much later down the road, that you can't do everything you wanted to.

It won't sustain your dream farm. But now you're stuck.

It's every new farmer's nightmare.

And it happens way more often than it should. do you know exactly what you need before your buy?




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When I first started farming on my parents' property as a teen, I had no idea what I was doing.  I thought - if there's land I can farm it, right?

Well, yes and no...

While I still managed to turn my parents' property into a profitable farm, I had to deal with steep slopes, wind, and a lack of water (we ended up having to drill 3 wells!) It was NOT the ideal property.

After I married Savannah and we moved from NY down to Ohio, we had a MUCH better idea of what we wanted in farmland.

We spent three years searching, did a lot of research, and walked a lot of properties before we purchased our current farm, the Farm on Central

When selecting our location, we had a definable list of features and attributes that would allow us to easily turn the property into a profitable, sustainable venture.

Now it's our turn to help YOU shape your land non-negotiables, and find your ideal property.


You need property that can FULFILL your VISION for your farm.

Our deep-dive course that walks you through what you should be looking for when selecting your new farm property, so you can make a choice you won't regret.

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There are 7 key points you use to set 'non-negotiables' when you look for property, and we discuss them in detail in the course.

Whether you are looking for your very first farm property, wanting to relocate to a new area, or scaling and expanding to new land, this course will be a great asset for you!


What's in the course?  We share the how-to on:


  • Evaluating what you’ll need for what you’re planning to grow and/or raise
  • Finding a location where the geographic and political climate fit your farm goals 
  • Weighing the pros and cons on how much access a property provides 
  • Determining the amount of water and the types of soil your business will require
  • 6 software programs that allow you to get a good feel for property without setting foot on it!


Plus tips for renting and leasing, a Perfect Farm Property checklist, and an extensive resource list for vetting your farm!



Property is typically the most expensive purchase you will make as a farmer. Make sure you start with the right one!!

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