The toolbox that successful farmers use to build thriving farms!
  • You worry that you don’t have the time, money, resources or tools to get your farm running at the level you want it to… 
  • You feel that the market is too crowded, the conditions are too unpredictable, and you keep running into problems with pests, soil, too much paperwork and bad hires (just to name a few)… 
  • You’ve already tried all the courses, books, articles and podcasts — sacrificed hours researching and learning, only to come out feeling more confused than before you started…
  • You worry that you don’t have the time, money, resources or tools to get your farm running at the level you want it to… 
  • You feel that the market is too crowded, the conditions are too unpredictable, and you keep running into problems with pests, soil, too much paperwork and bad hires (just to name a few)… 
  • You’ve already tried all the courses, books, articles and podcasts — sacrificed hours researching and learning, only to come out feeling more confused than before you started…
Enroll in Small Farm University today and learn how to comfortably double or triple your take-home farm profits and shave 10+ hours off your work-week… every week.
When you first started your farm...
You had a VISION:

To be part of the movement towards SUSTAINABLE growing and provide HEALTHY, WHOLESOME food your family

To CONTRIBUTE your time and skills towards something TANGIBLE, MEANINGFUL and REWARDING

and experience
 FREEDOM while MAKING A DIFFERENCE in your community
But the reality? 
The phrase “starving farmer” hits a little too close to home these days:
Perhaps, like more than half of all farmers, you’re STARVING for →






And instead of living the “grass is greener” dream you set out for, you’ve got 99 #SmallFarmProblems (and too much free time definitely isn’t one).
You've questioned whether you’ve really got what it takes to turn your farm into the profitable, sustainable, full-time gig you dreamed of...
  • Maybe you’re struggling with production issues, inconsistent yield and the sense that you’re leaking time and money — but not knowing the best way to consistently grow top-quality produce and improve your efficiencies across the board.
  • Maybe you’re drowning under dozens of tiny jobs, to-dos, pieces of paper and tasks that beg for your attention every day (when you thought about quit your job, you weren’t exactly prepared to trade in one job for twenty… but that’s exactly what you got).
  • Maybe you’re sick of feeling like you’ve solved a difficult problem, only to find that the “solution” involves even more expensive equipment, tools or hardware (especially since you already get sweaty palms and palpitations whenever you add up much you’ve spent on your farm so far).
  • Maybe you’re unsure about the best way to get your produce in the hands of the people who need it, want it, and are willing to pay (instead, marketing feels like a weird game you’d rather not play — because you signed up to be a farmer... not a salesperson that hawks radishes on street corners).
  • ​Maybe you’re just exhausted by the long days, sleepless nights and the pit in your stomach that says no matter how hard you work, there is always more to be done — yet never enough time for you and the people that matter (AKA the reason why you started this thing in the first place).
Lately, your mornings are feeling a heck-of-a-lot like Groundhog Day… 
Except there’s no affable Bill Murray or tricked-out production crew — just a whole lot of stuff that needs to get done... by you. 

From maintenance to planting, harvesting, washing, packing and more… we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it really takes to keep a small farm up and running. 

Between doing the actual work of farming, you’re also dealing with administration and finances, team management and planning, sales, marketing and more… 

… And that’s just before lunch.
It’s the kind of overwhelm that has you questioning whether the day will ever come when you’re finally able to:
  • Retire your spouse, get off the clock, and enjoy a lazy Tuesday afternoon in each other’s company… without ye’ olde to-do list breathing down your neck.
  • Find that perfect balance between keeping busy, staying active, and taking the time to spend time actually living the life you’ve worked so hard to build.
  • Make a great income doing the work you love and serve your community in a meaningful way — instead of running yourself into the ground with no end in sight.
Instead, the whispers in the farming community play on your mind ↴
  • “If you want to bring in good money, don’t make farming your forte…”
  • “The ones making healthy profits are just scammy, money-hungry frauds…”
  • ​“And there’s no point in trying because nature is too unpredictable, there’s too much red tape, and nobody cares about farmers anyway…”
You keep showing up and shovelling on...
Day in, day out, even though your bones are aching and your brain is fried — all in service of that vision you had when you started. (Remember that?)

Because there’s a part of you that still believes your small farm dreams ARE possible… and there’s another part of you that’s too stubborn to throw in the trowel anyway. 

(Pun intended.) 

If there’s one thing that’s true about farmers, it’s that we’re RESILIENT, RESOURCEFUL and HARD WORKING as hell (and you’ve got the dirt under your nails to prove it).

That means one thing: 

You’ve got all the GRIT it takes to turn your farm into the deeply fulfilling, ultra-sustainable and highly profitable small business that you set out to create.
Because grit alone won’t get you over the line. 

When you’re struggling with too little time and a whole lot of information overwhelm, there’s only one thing that will bridge the gap between you and those small farm dreams:
You need a STEP-BY-STEP ROADMAP and IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT to guarantee you’ll get there (without working 70+ hour weeks or dropping $20K on fancy new equipment).
But why should you take our word for it?
This is the exact roadmap we used to scale our farm  — and it’s how we’ve helped hundreds of farmers create a profitable farm and freedom on their own terms
Michael Kilpatrick here — Growing Farmers lead and fellow farmer geek. 

When we first started way back in 2003… 

We were probably a lot like you…

To say we were OVERWHELMED would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century.
We NEVER thought we would be able to pay all the bills. And we struggled with producing crops, finding the right workers, and marketing to the right customers. 

And then something shifted… 
But it didn’t happen all at once…

First, we RESEARCHED everything…
  • We devoured every business-building resource we could get our hands on
  • We studied efficiency methodologies outside our industry
  • We traveled to meet the best in our industry (many times volunteering for free on other farms)  (ask my wife about our honeymoon)
  • ​We learned marketing from the best of the best
  • ​We spent thousands of dollars on tools, tips and tricks (some great, some not so great…)
Growing micros in my parents basement - it was messy (and the floor flooded more than once)
Next, we put it all to the TEST to see what stuck and what didn’t… 
And the results have been nothing short of BREATHTAKING:
Savannah, my wife driving one of our Deere tractors
  • Our farm and the farms we helped became highly profitable — and we’ve been able to invest back into our farm to feed our growth and create real space in our schedules and lives.
  • Our products became the envy of chefs all over, so much so that they started coming to us, instead of the other way around. (Our referral business is booming!)
  • Recurring revenue became a large part of our business. We had money we could count on rolling in each month, without the stress of constantly having to market (→ a cash flywheel that keeps on turning).
  • ​We gained back more time than we’d ever had to spend with family, friends, and causes we care about. We went on vacation!!
  • ​Instead of just barely surviving, we were able to focus on making a lasting impact in our communities. Our farm were able to sustain and enrich our lives… and those in the communities we served as well. 
  • ​We were asked to speak at conferences and workshops around the US and Canada- helping thousands of other farmers learn how to profitably farm as well.
We’ve advised some of the best in the industry — on how to streamline their operations, optimize their farming systems, and get more from their hard work. 

We’ve helped industry superstars like Jean-Martin Fortier streamline their operations..

“A couple years ago I started a new farming project where I was asked to develop a model farm for the province of Quebec. Throughout the planning process, I had the opportunity to consult with a great many farming experts and consultants. Of all of these, it’s Michael Kilpatrick that I got the most from.”

Jean-Martin Fortier      
Farmer, Author, Innovator, The Market Gardener
I know you’re tired of thinking about your farm 24/7...
So let us help you simplify and streamline your way towards small farm success:
It’s about time you got a battle-tested ROADMAP for getting your small farm to maximum profitability… without the long hours and lost time
If you’re ready to sidestep the confusion and mow down the barriers to success that stop most growers in their tracks… 

Then you need to meet The RIPEN Roadmap.

We developed RIPEN after working behind the scenes with farmers across the country for a decade — along with seeing what worked (and what definitely didn’t) as we scaled our own farm to over $500K in annual revenue and 10 team members from the ground up. 

And the one thing that separated the successful farmers from the ones who floundered? A System.
TRULY PROFITABLE and TIME-RICH farmers have their businesses firing on ALL FIVE of these cylinders:
RIPEN is your 5-part ROADMAP to creating 
"Small Farm University is very useful and a bargain for what you get! It stands out among other programs because of the focus on business and marketing, balanced with some really practical and detailed farming how-tos and technical documentation."
Melanie Arthur
Sandy Bluff Farms
RIPEN is a FLEXIBLE FRAMEWORK for building a profitable small farm on YOUR terms → 
It starts with learning how to...
  • Shave off 10+ hours of work every week
  • Stop killing yourself in the field
  • Make more by working smarter
With the RIPEN Roadmap to guide your energy and efforts, your small farm will grow into the well-optimized, efficient and sustainable business you set out to create. 

This isn’t about following someone else’s rules, or blindly trying to replicate what worked for just one person in one setting. 

"Since joining SFU, we’ve more than doubled our gross income this year over last, and the farm is now contributing to our living expenses."

"I’m a newer small-scale farmer and knew I had a lot to learn. The content taught inside SFU is relevant to what I do every day, with a focus on production, processing, and marketing. I like that everything is recorded for later viewing if I get busy.

Michael and the team present information well, and while the experts they bring in aren’t the conventional big names, they bring in a wealth of knowledge and expertise."

Larry Heidkamp

"Since joining, we’ve been able to expand our market and our farm simultaneously"

"The course contents include and go beyond the focus of crop production and into the why and how of running a successful farm business from all angles. 

Having access to all this information and other specialists, covering such a vast range of topics from operations & employees through to sales, marketing, and appropriate ICT has been invaluable as we rapidly scale our enterprises."

Rachel Yeats
Director, Handcrafted Produce 
Whether you’re looking to build a scaled-up farm with multiple employees…  

Or you simply want to streamline your solo practice and earn a sustainable full-time income…  

With the RIPEN Roadmap you’ll know exactly which parts of your business to work on, and in what order. 

→ So you can stop wasting your energy and money on projects that don’t measurably move the needle in your business and help you win back time.
The RIPEN Roadmap is just one of the game-changing resources that we’re excited to share with you as a member of Small Farm University. 
The exact, step-by-step ROADMAP — with built-in community support and expert coaching — that will take your farm from “sucking-the-life-out-of-me busy” to profitably feeding your family, your community and your freedom in 90 days or less.
Small Farm University is the FIRST monthly membership community created exclusively for small farms 
looking to free up time and grow more profitable, so you can:
  • Focus your efforts and boost your farm profits by creating optimized systems across your entire farm tol help you work smarter, not harder.
  • Access the hyper-specific coaching and expert advice you need to get unstuck, make rapid progress and consistently hit your goals.
  • Learn what’s working for farmers today, get support from a powerful community of like-minded growers, and follow a proven path profitability and small farm freedom.
Your Small Farm University Membership also includes instant and unlimited access to our growing library of actionable resources:
When you join Small Farm University, you’ll gain access to our curated selection of game-changing resources — ready for you to use and implement whenever you need them, as long as your membership is active.
The RIPEN Roadmap 
Training Series
Your membership includes instant access to our RIPEN Roadmap Training Series, a proven process for optimizing every area of your small farm in a sequential, step-by-step method that cuts the overwhelm, gives you back your quality of life, and gets you to maximum profitability FAST. 

RIPEN is focused on taking you OUT of information overwhelm and INTO implementation-mode. These quick-action training videos will help you diagnose and patch up the profit sinkholes in your farm — and start working towards true farm freedom.
Rapid-Action Mini Courses

30 plus trainings to help you win at farming!

Want to know more about winter growing? 

Setting up your washing shed for success with actual client designs and reports?  

How about installing farm tech or building the perfect germination chamber? 

We have trainings on all sorts of topics to help you grow more efficiently and stay profitable all year round.

Specific farm tours 
and detailed consults
Imagine you came along for one of our high priced consults. Got to see how we set up farms.  

How we structure farms and talk through market channels, team organization, product flow, and more?

This is your ticket!!

Done-For-You Manuals, SOP’s and Process Cheatsheets
Need an employee manual? Or a detailed, crop by crop harvest manual? What about a Food Safety plan? Farm SOP’s? We share over 20 completed manuals that we’ve used or created for clients that you can easily use as a template and adapt to help train your team! 

Drawing on our 15 years of experience in the industry and daily interaction with farmers all across the US, we’ve built an impressive resource directory that’s sure to help you find what you need, cheaper and faster. 
Harvest, Wash and Pack Course
Improve harvest efficiency, design or update your ideal wash/pack area and increase produce quality and shelf-life with the Your Efficient Harvest, Wash/Pack, and Storage Course!

This course contains 5 core modules that walk you through exactly how to build or streamline your systems to be super efficient.

It includes bonus modules with Paul Arnold of Pleasant Valley Farm as well as Erich Schultz of Steadfast Farm

Our Time Saving Tutorial Bundle

These tutorials help you save time, money, and frustration when doing common tasks on the farm...

> LED Perfect Transplant mini-course will help you produce beautiful transplants year-round without an expensive greenhouse. Normally $47

> Ultimate Germination Chamber tutorial high %, repeatable, germination on crops year-round. Ray Tyler, Erich Schultz, and others are using our method with amazing results. Normally $47

> Dry Your Greens conversion to help you turn a washing machine into a salad spinner and cut your processing time in 1/2. Featured on The Urban Farmer and used by thousands of small-scale farmers to dry salad, this course normally sells for $47

> Build a Bubbler tutorial that takes all the guesswork out of building a bubble washer which helps wash greens, baby roots, and even cucumbers much quicker. Normally $47
Greenhouse Construction tutorial
I went out and filmed an entire build of a 30x72 greenhouse- from laying out the site to installing the rollup sides and polycarbonate sheeting. Guaranteed to save you literally hours of time and costly mistakes!
Find your perfect farm

Your farm property is the most expensive purchase you will probably ever make... and has the ability to help you thrive or bankrupt you. This course walks you through identifying, vetting, and purchasing your first farm property

In this course you will learn:

> The different climate aspects of where you want to locate your farm, and how to avoid wild weather and challenging scenarios

> the 6 different web resources we use to find and vet the right property- all of them are FREE!

> The exact checklist we use when looking at a new property, and everything that we are taking into account so there are no expensive "surprises" later on.

> Renting or leasing is frequently  viable option to get started.. use our sample agreements and copious resource list to make sure you sign a strong contract and don't lose your land!
And Much, Much More...

Take a quick tour of the membership site
Your Small Farm University membership gives you instant access to powerful monthly resources and in-depth coaching — designed to get you taking action and seeing rapid results
Each month has a focus, where we deep dive into a particular farm area and help you find rapid ways to streamline your farm. Accompanying the training are resources to help you rapidly impliment the training on your farm. We always have a great time, interacting and asking questions during these webinar-style calls.
Imagine taking your specific hang-ups to people who can offer some real insight. Our Q&A calls allow you to submit any question for us to answer in a live video call where we can give you feedback, and point out specific resources that will help you find clarity. If you can’t make the live, you can always access the replays at any time. In addition, we have weekly #QQ threads where we answer quick questions you might have between the live cals
Member shares.. Every so often we bring on one of our community members and have them share about a particular part of their farm... Sometimes its mushroom cultivation, Edible flowers, USDA  or Kiva loans, and more. In addition, we do on farm consultations with several members a year and share those on the site! 
Once a month we sit down one-on-one and help our members achieve breakthroughs for their most important questions, almost like a mini-consulting session. Other members jump in and brainstorm as well, giving great ideas and tips. It’s a fun learning experience and always a member favorite. 
We’ve structured Small Farm University to ensure that you stay out of information overwhelm and take action ONLY on the tasks that will move your farm forward. 
  • With the RIPEN Roadmap, you’ll have a personalized PLAN, PRIORITIES, and FOCUS for your farm. 
  • When you’re ready to implement, all you need to do is work your way through the resources according to the plan, at your own pace. 
  • You’ll get the all the feedback and support you need during our live calls, and inside our private group whenever you need it.
We’ve also loaded up your membership dashboard with these THREE farm-fresh BONUSES 

An Invitation to the SFU Private Facebook Community ($497 VALUE)

A super supportive community and braintrust of other farmers who are on the same road you are. Get instant feedback and access our library of Q+A calls.

8 Years of Our Personal Small Farm Plans ($497 VALUE)

Watch our farm grow over 8 years through the meticulous planning that we did. All laid out in searchable spreadsheets you can see exactly how we set up our system that allowed us to produce literally hundreds of thousands of lbs of vegetables a year.

The Small Farm U Planner Calculator ($197 VALUE)

We came up with this calculator on the kitchen table of a client where we used it to show how some of the crops they were growing where actually costing them to grow, not make money. Since then, we've refined it and added additional crops to give you a good idea of how much a crop makes you each week that it is on your farm.

"I would recommend SFU to almost any stage of farmer."

I joined SFU because I like having one source I trust to come to for information and answers. I know I can find reliable information about any question I may have, if not by Michael then by one of his contacts. Plus, the low monthly fee rather than thousands of dollars is way more doable on a farm budget!

The SFU team is responsive, extremely personal, and not worried about maximizing their own profit or fitting everyone to a rigid “system”. 

We’ve doubled our CSA size from year 1-2 and 2-3, and I have maintained the number of hours worked per week despite growing vastly more produce.

I would recommend SFU to almost any stage of farmer. Most people can improve their farm’s efficiency or find better ways to meet their goals, and SFU will help you achieve that.

Joe Ewing
Join Small Farm University today to learn how to comfortably double or triple your take-home farm profits and shave 10+ hours off your work-week… every week:
  • INSTANT access to the RIPEN Roadmap Training Series ($997 Value)
  • ​Monthly laser one-on-one mini Coaching sessions ($297 Value)
  • ​Weekly Q+A coaching Sessions ($497 Value)
  • ​Rapid Action Mini-Courses ($1997 Value)
  • Our Time Saving Tutorial Bundle ($194 Value)
  • ​Our Manuals, SOPs, and Checklists ($997 Value)
  • ​The Small Farm University Resource Library ($997 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: 8 Years of our personal small farm plans ($497 Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: Members-Only Facebook Community ($497 Value)
  • ​BONUS #3: Small Farm U Planner Calculator ($297 Value)
No matter what stage you're in, there's a plan for you.
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    20 minute 1 on 1 after you go through the More Time, More Money Course to craft your winning strategy for 2020
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        Want more? 
        Develop a personalized plan with Michael
        Michael rarely consults 1 on 1 but we convinced him to 
        open up 30 spots for 1 on 1 turbocharge sessions 
        for new Small Farm University members

        These sessions are 60+ minutes, 
        1:1 structured calls where you can brainstorm, 
        ask questions and get unstuck in preparing for 2019. 
        Some ways you can use this session are to:
        • Brainstorm and get immediate feedback on your ideas and thoughts
        • Get clarity around what to focus on next and what’s important at your stage
        • Discover how to position yourself for success with the right tools, systems, and property
        • Look over your crop plan and figure out where your profit centers are
        • Get ideas on the layout in your greenhouses, pack sheds, or other workspaces for maximum efficiency 
        • Identify your target market and learn how to craft your sales strategy
        What’s included: 
        • What you need to find clarity and direction in your business
        • 60+ minutes zoom call of one-on-one attention, focused on your concerns where we can share our screens, show and email you resources. 
        • Video recording of our call so you can refer to what we discussed later
        •  Email follow up to summarize our call
        Personalized plan

        Annual Membership + Turbocharge consulting session
          We look at your roadmap and help you 10x your results
          NORMALLY $197 SAVE 35%!!
           After the first year, the annual payment will go back to $370
          TWO MONTHS FREE - SAVE $74
        • These sessions will be scheduled in late December, early January. 
        • We will reach out in a few weeks to schedule your session.
        • Strategy Video Call with Michael each month ($175 value) that is recorded and added to your account.
        • Get personal access to Michael through Voxer. Let me answer your questions and get you back on track.
        • Application only (2 slots left), click the link below to fill it out.
        Maybe you’re wondering what REALLY makes Small Farm University different from everything else you’ve already tried before… 
        So here are 4 reasons why Small Farm University ticks all the boxes:

        A pay-as-you-go monthly membership means you’re never locked into a long-term commitment. We’ll be with you for as long as you need us — no more, no less.

        The RIPEN Roadmap will give you the clarity and specific action steps to take in order to build the small farm you envisioned when you started. 

        You’ll learn a reliable method improve EVERY aspect of your small farm — from production, to marketing, to systems and everything in between — without falling into overwhelm.

        You’ll get your questions answered in real-time: post in our members-only online community to learn from a powerful tribe of like-minded farmers, and get expert coaching on our monthly calls.

        Peter Lindeman, 
        Up Beet Acres
        We’ve joined other programs, and while they’re great, they are about one farm’s system in a specific context. SFU is different because it is run from a consultant’s perspective, with insights across many types of farms and contexts.

        Michael is far more accessible than the teachers from many other programs we’ve taken, and the SFU community is so much more engaged. Whenever I’ve posted a question, I’ve received quick and informative answers.

        We knew we needed help because we were working until 4am prepping for a market we need to leave for at 6am. 

        The advice we received inside SFU has been a game changer. We’ve sold 4x more tomatoes this year than last.

        We’ll be there to guide you through each step of the way 
        — to ensure you stay focused, on track, 
        and make the most of the limited time you have. 
        • These aren’t random tactics that we pulled out of a bag or a rigid set of rules that works for one type of farm but not another
        • We’ve developed a tightly-engineered and flexible framework that will transform your farming business from the inside out, so you can →  
        • Win back more time
        • Dramatically improve your profitability
        • Grow better produce all year round
        • Reach and sell to your ideal customers
        • Get more from your farm by working smarter, not harder
        We’ve put the principles we share inside Small Farm University to the test in our own business and with hundreds of other farmers over the past 10 years. 
        We’ve partnered with the best in the industry — folks like Jean-Martin Fortier, Curtis Stone,  and Ray Tyler — to improve their efficiencies, their yield, and their bottom line. 

        It doesn’t matter whether you planted your first crop yesterday, or whether you’ve been doing this for so long that the dirt under your fingernails has become part of your DNA. 

        The principles are the same, the plan can be fully-customized to suit YOU, and they’ll change the way you farm forever.

        When you do the work, RIPEN works. It’s that simple. 
        And with the direct coaching, feedback and strategic support you’ll receive inside 
        Small Farm University each and every month, for as long as you need it… you’ll be unstoppable.
        And that’s why we stand behind our promise with our “Grower-Approved” Satisfaction Guarantee.

        Your Investment in Small Farm University is 100% risk-free with the “Grower Approved” 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

        We’re so passionate about helping you implement the RIPEN Roadmap in your business because we have seen and experienced the difference it makes for farmers just like you. 

        And that’s why we want to make it a no brainer decision for you to go through the content, put the system to the test, get the support you need, and experience the transformation for yourself. 

        With our 14 Day “Grower Approved” Satisfaction Guarantee, your investment is completely risk-free. 

        If the RIPEN Roadmap, monthly coaching support, tight-knit members community, exclusive resources and expert trainings DON’T provide you with the insights, clarity or action steps you need to boost your farm’s profitability.

        Then we want to give you your money back. 

        Just email us within 14 days at,  and we’ll refund your investment in full. No hassle, no hard feelings. 
        Carrie Dame Chlebanowski
        The Looney Farm
        "SFU is one of the best investments I have made for my farm."
        "I already had a fairly good understanding of the growing techniques for most of the crops thanks to other programs, but I wanted to learn more about the logistical, business and marketing aspects of farming and knew that Michael and his team were working with top producers like JM Fortier, Ray Tyler and others. 

        Since joining, we have moved into a second market and attained 3 additional partnerships for sales. We have nearly completed our wash and pack and are getting irrigation squared away. It's removed a lot of the stress and anxiety I was having over farm things which has freed up my mind to be able to enjoy family time more.

        I love being a member. The attention Michael and team give to the community and their willingness to help answer questions and encourage us in our successes is special. 

        I’d recommend SFU without hesitation, especially if you want to improve the sales and marketing of your farm business."
        We’ve supported farmers at EVERY stage in the grower’s journey… 
        • ​We’ve helped DREAMERS cut through the information overwhelm and TAKE ACTION to create profitable farm systems from scratch.
        • We’ve helped PART-TIME FARMERS get TRACTION and take their farm full-time, expand their customer list, price their produce for profit, and start building systems that work hard for them.
        • We’ve helped ESTABLISHED FARMERS become SEASONED PRO’S with solid infrastructure, a fully-streamlined farm, a team they can count on, and repeatable methods for getting work done and getting PAID.
        No matter where you are in your small farm journey, there’s a place for you inside Small Farm University if...
        • You’re willing to spend just 15-45 minutes focused hours each week to grow your farm — knowing that the time you invest will reward you with more leverage, time-freedom, and flexibility than anything else you’re currently doing right now.
        • You’re excited to put the RIPEN Roadmap to the test, immediately diagnose what’s not working in your farm and identify exactly where to action… so you can:
        • Reverse-engineer a business plan that fits the way YOU want to live
        • Optimize your production, from soil to packing and everything in between
        • Craft a schedule that works for you, start delegating and STOP doing it all alone
        • Streamline your systems across your entire farm (to free yourself from admin hell)
        • Market and sell your produce with ease, creating recurring revenue and stop stressing about your finances for good
        • You’re PUMPED to take Small Farm University for a spin over the next 14 days, knowing if you put what we teach into practice and don’t see results, you’re FULLY protected by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee:
        Questions Farmers Asked Before 
        They Joined Small Farm University…
        I’ve got a lot going on right now and I’m not sure I have the time. Is this right for me?
        If you are willing to put in the work and throw out your old beliefs on farming than YES!!  The entire premise of this course is that it will give you back time and help you to finally have the farm freedom you have always wanted!
        I’ve enrolled in other courses and read a lot of books already… how is this different?
        This is NOT how to grow a carrot and trellis a tomato (although that comes up and we'll discuss that as well)  it is about how to build a farm business from the ground up. And how that business can give you freedom. We walk you through the areas that will give you the most return on your investment.
        This all sounds great, but…. can farmers REALLY make a good living from their farm?
        YES!! In our travels across the US, we've seen dozens of examples of farms making good income from their farms. Here's the thing, very few of them talk about it. What we do is interview them and pull out the key nuggets from how they operate...
        How much experience as a farmer should I have to join?
        We have farmers of all levels join. From Beginners to Advanced. We find that beginners use it to set up their farms much quicker and advanced farmers use it to tweak their existing operations and trim their working hours. 
        I’ve got a specific issue I need help with. How do I know I’ll get the support I need?
        We have so many levels of support. From the amazing community of growers in the Facebook group overseen by Michael and the team, to the Weekly Q&A threads, to the monthly Laser-strategy sessions, we've got you covered!!!
        What happens after I click the button?
        We'll whisk you to our super-secret portal and get you onboarded and into the training.. We have an orientation video, start here quick wins, and a clean, easy to follow layout.
        Can you remind me what I’m getting again when I join?
        >> INSTANT access to the RIPEN Roadmap Training Series
        >> Monthly Hot Seat Coaching
        >> Monthly Mastermind Calls
        >> Weekly QA Threads
        >> 12 Rapid-Action Mini Courses
        >> Our Manuals, SOPs and Checklists
        >> The SFU Resource Library
        >> BONUS #1: 8 Years of our personal small farm plans
        >> BONUS #2: Members-Only Facebook Community
        >> BONUS #3: Small Farm U Planner Calc
        If you’re looking for YOUR version of small farm freedom, whatever that may be... we’ll help you tread your own path and make it happen inside Small Farm University
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