Essential Shop Tools for the Farm

Do you have a workshop area on your farm?

As anyone who has tried their hand at farming knows, it’s hard to get far without the right tools. We’ve amassed quite the collection ourselves here at the Farm on Central. (Including a few unnecessary buys!)

But it’s not just farm tools you need to keep your operation running. Whenever I’m working on the greenhouses, fences, irrigation systems, or other fixtures around the farm, it’s my shop tools that I’m reaching for.

So, today we're taking a look at some of the shop tools I use most often while maintaining the farm. Although your needs will vary depending on how large your operation is and what kind of farm you run, you might want to add these to your wishlist if they're not already in your shop!


farm on central shop tools


1. Impact Driver

This is the tool that I constantly reach for. I recall the game-changing moment I began using it for installing greenhouses. By coupling a socket driver with a deep socket, you can install greenhouse bolts up to 100 times faster. Driving 12” timber screws is a breeze with this tool. I've tried various brands, but my decade-old Makita continues to perform excellently.

2. Miscellaneous Cordless Tools

These are always in high demand from our toolshed. It's not that we don't have outlets in our greenhouses, but our cordless mini circular saw is incredibly useful, often replacing the need for a table saw. Additionally, our larger impact wrench (500 ft pounds) makes taking off tires and loosening rusted nuts a breeze. (This is our most-borrowed tool by friends.)

3. Tool Carrier

A simple 5-gallon bucket can serve the purpose, but we particularly appreciate the tool carriers (Fortex-Fortiflex brand) we discovered during my internship at Polyface. We maintain a carrier for irrigation filled with essential connectors, hose clamps, and pipe cutters. We have another for electrical tasks and a third for fencing.

It saves a lot of time to separate out your tools and equipment this way, because whenever you go to work on your fence or your irrigation systems, you just have to grab the corresponding tool carrier instead of hunting around the shop for what you need.

4. Welder

Though we don’t use it as often—especially since we now have a fabrication shop nearby—a reliable MIG welder can make joining metal pieces feel as easy as applying caulk. I undertook a one-day welding course at a community college and honed my skills through trial and error. While it's the priciest tool on this list, it's an investment that can lead to significant savings if you have the right projects. I own the Multimatic 200 from Miller, which offers MIG, TIG, and stick welding capabilities.

5. Timber Screws

These self-tapping screws, ranging from 3”-12”, are invaluable for larger construction endeavors. Whether you're attaching runners to your brooder for mobility or joining 4x4’s, these screws come in handy. We even used large fender washers with them to assemble cooler panels for our original mushroom house. Dismantling it for new construction was simple and straightforward, taking just a few hours.

Bonus: Oscillating Multi-Tool

Although I don't currently own one, it's on my wishlist! When I used one during our shop renovation, it proved to be indispensable. The tool’s ability to effortlessly cut through various materials—even in confined spaces—sets it apart. 

Have fun stocking your workshop!


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