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Our Wildly Popular Summit Series

We get all the leaders of industry, the inspiring farmers like you, to share their knowledge & passion! 

Thriving Farmer Summit

This three-day summit, with over 27 speakers, will teach you all about becoming a thriving farmer!

Thriving Mushroom Summit

This three-day summit was a major success, with speakers from across the globe about all things mushrooms!

Thriving Flower Summit

This three-day summit was our largest summit to date! We had so many floral experts, we extended into a bonus day!

Best Sellers

Our most popular courses in any category!

Start Your Farm Intensive

Flesh out your farm idea, craft your one-page business plan, and discover the right funding options for your business. You can approach this course as a 30 day challenge or work it at your own pace.

Farmers Market Success System

Learn how to attract and convert customers by building an unstoppable marketing and business system for your farmers markets!

Start Your CSA

In this training, we walk through if CSA is for you, how to pick a share type and size, best practices to keep high retention, and a boatload of resources to get you started fast!

Find Your Perfect Farm Property

Whether you are renting or purchasing, take time to vet the farm property and how it fits your business needs.

Build Your Own Microgreen Kits

How to build kits to sell to your customers for them to grow their own microgreens! This course covers everything - including free marketing and label templates!

The Lettuce Masterclass

Ray Tyler provides his expertise for planning, starting, growing, and harvesting lettuce! 

Our Production Mastery Series

Perfect Indoor Transplant System

A proven system to produce high-quality transplants while saving money, time, and seed.

Ultimate Germination Chamber

How to build a germination chamber for your farm easily and quickly. We stress putting together a low-work, monitored system that gives you peace of mind

Build  a Bubbler

Learn the quickest way to size, build, and use a bubble washer to clean your crops for a premium product!

Dry Your Greens

We provide a better way to dry greens so you sell more of a premium product. Get the the materials needed, build steps, and safety tips for this washing machine conversion! 

Harvest, Post-Harvest, and Storage 

A complete course on creating successful systems, a walk-in cooler build, and real-life examples from farms.

Small Farm Irrigation

Here we focus on setting up an irrigation system that works for your farm and the components needed to do that.

Direct Seeding Primer

Direct seeding is known for heavy pros and cons - we'll walk you through the entire process to help you succeed with seeding!

Winter Growing Success

How to make the Winter season a pleasurable and profitable one!

Microgreen Basics

Get ready for quick turnaround on a nutrient dense crop! Ray Tyler shares some tips for getting started in microgreens.

This is not currently included in SFU and is an independent course created in collaboration with Ray Tyler

Caterpillar Tunnel Success

Ray Tyler of Rose Creek Farms guides us through setup, management, crops, and irrigation on his completely under-cover operation!

Setup your First Mushroom Grow

Get ready to grow with the setup that works best for your space!

DIY  Tunnel Build For Less

A how-to for building your own tunnel from the ground up! A step-by-step guide through a tunnel build onsite at The Farm on Central - from selecting your site to sourcing your materials.

Business Systems & Marketing Courses

It's not all about growing veggies! You need the skills and training to run your business in order to succeed - let us help!

Fund Your Farm

Walk through the different options for funding your farm - whether a startup operation or a thriving farm that needs capital improvements.

Moving Your Farm Online

This course shares several farmers stories of using software to sell their products online as well as how easy it is to use Local Line to set up your first online store.

More Time More Money

Gain time in your business so you can be present for those you love and achieve the difference you want to make in the world.

More Customers Training

Grow your customer base at farmers markets and online by reaching the right customers the right way

Email Marketing

Learn all the basics of setting up your e-mail marketing, from setting up your account to email etiquette to analytics

Quickstart Your Shopify Farm Store

Ray and Ashley walk you through setting up your Shopify store for the first time and adding the plugins that allowed it to work for their needs.

SFU RIPEN Formula For Success

The core training content of the Small Farm University and many other resources (masterclasses, mini-sessions, Q&As)

Special Live Trainings

A wealth of training on many topics - only available to Small Farm University members!

Behind the Scenes

An in-depth look at operations on featured farms. Available only to Small Farm University members.

Farm Consult Recaps

Highlights of consults at farms across the United States and Canada. Available only to Small Farm University members.

Build Your CSA Landing Page

This course shows exactly what you need to have a beautiful and effective landing page for your CSA! 

Michael Kilpatrick

A farmer, presenter, host, inventor, and online entrepreneur who lives to help entrepreneurs apply business principles and practical, proven solutions to grow their businesses and simplify their lives. He's managed large certified organic farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts, and spoken at dozens of industry conferences.