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Our content-packed courses provide everything you need to make profitable farming a reality. 

Find Your Ideal Farm Property

Make sure your property will be able to sustain your dream farm BEFORE you buy. Discover the 7 key areas you use to craft your non-negotiables and find the ideal property for your farm.


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Start Your Farm Intensive

Your farm is a BUSINESS and needs treated as such! Learn how to build your farm on a solid business framework that sets you up for the freedom and profitability you want.

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Farmers Market Success System

Stop showing up to markets only to watch other stalls make money instead of you. Start using our 4-step market blueprint to attract more customers, increase sales and margins, and retain raving fans.


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You Don't Have to Struggle

Growing Farmers was born out of a cluster of projects all focused on the same thing: Helping farmers get the resources and training they need to succeed on the farm and in their lives. It doesn't have to be a constant struggle, a heavy load of stress that you don't have the tools to deal with. We’ve been there, done that, and discovered there’s a better way. Now, we help farmers just like you go from struggling to thriving. 

We serve more than 50,000 farmers!

As farmers ourselves, we believe you shouldn’t have to work so hard for so little money. We understand that running a successful farm can seem impossible at times, which is why we’ve used our agricultural experience to build a strong community of thriving farmers who stress less, work less, and profit more!

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Say goodbye to the sleepless nights, profitless seasons, and constant struggles. We’ve helped thousands of farmers go from struggling to thriving, and we can help you, too. Our coaching, community, and courses will help you not only run a successful farm, but also thrive in business and life so you can have the success and freedom you always wanted.

  • Growing Farmers

    “Before finding Growing Farmers I was alone in my farming journey, learning slowly on my own. Then I found Michael and his team who are constantly working to stay on the cutting edge and release new trainings and content that are relevant to our farms. Now, I am farming less land and 4X'd my revenue!”

    Phoenix Farm

  • Growing Farmers

    “I was very skeptical about buying a course but am so glad I did! Previously I was struggling to make the farm work, now I've sold out of product and scrambling to grow more! I've had several biggest grossing days in a row and am reenergized!! THANK YOOOOOUUUUU for all the great tips”

    Valhalla Organics

  • Growing Farmers

    “This is amazing- where was this toolkit when I got started?”

    Rose Creek Farm

  • Growing Farmers

    “ I took the Growing Farmers course on Farmers Markets. The result was I had my best day in sales ever! I more than made enough to pay for the class, and there is still so much more I know I can do to improve.”

    Paradise Acres

  • Growing Farmers

    “We were really struggling in our first year on the farm. I had learned how to grow, but not how to sell and build efficient business systems. Michael's coaching and training has been an invaluable resource to helping our farm grow and mature!”

    The Looney Farm


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