5 Foods We Make at Home - Save Money in the Kitchen!

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At the Farm on Central, we’re always looking for ways to maximize our kitchen, eat healthier, and save $$ at the same time.

So let’s go over five of the top food items we prefer to make at home instead of buying at the grocery store!

#1 - Chicken, beef, or vegetable stock

This probably isn’t what comes to mind first! But if you think about it, you probably cook with chicken, beef, and vegetables all the time. Which means…you’re throwing out meat and vegetable scraps all the time too.

Instead of just throwing out the scraps, hold onto them! We use them to make delicious stocks and broths. Not only does it save money, but our homemade stocks always taste better than what’s at the grocery store.

Quick tip: For the best chicken stock, purchase your chickens whole and use the bones to make your broth.

#2 - Salsa

In the summertime, anyone who grows tomatoes reaches a point where they have too many to deal with. During peak harvest, it’s the perfect time to make salsa! Add some garlic, peppers, onions, and maybe some other herbs (all easy plants to throw in a raised bed or small garden) and you have the ingredients to make salsa. With a food processor or blender you can make a lot of batches in just a few days, then freeze them to use throughout the year.

fermentation course_salsa #1

Did you know you can also ferment salsa to preserve it? We show you how in our Intro to Fermentation course!

#3 - Spaghetti sauce

Next up is spaghetti sauce. Along with salsa, this is a super easy food item to make with your surplus tomatoes. Freeze your sauce or do a simple water bath canning process, and you’ll find yourself with cost effective and easy meals come winter time. 

#4 - Teas & infusions

Ok, so, technically it’s not a food item, but it’s still a way we save money in the kitchen! Buying drinks out is fun, but you can make some really delicious beverages with herbs (like mint) that easily grow anywhere on your property! (Sometimes they grow a little too well.) Add some lime, sweeten with honey, and you’ll never miss the drinks from the overpriced coffee or tea shops. Not that we’re hating on coffee/tea places, but those $5 drinks do add up fast.

#5 - Sourdough bread

Last but not least, we save a lot of money by making our own bread. Specifically, sourdough! Maintaining a starter and making your own bread is one of the most cost-effective swaps you can make in your kitchen.


If you’re interested in learning more about sourdough breadmaking, join our free workshop! In it, my wife Savannah will be showing you how she incorporates breadmaking into our busy life on the farm. It’s not just to be cost-effective…it’s for the flavor too! Nothing beats a fresh slice of bread, still warm from the oven, and we’re excited to share our sourdough secrets with you.


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