The roadmap to move from overwhelmed to thriving!


although there are problems...

All farms are not created equal

What you tried so far isn't working

You're leaving growth up to chance

There's information overload

No one has given you a plan

There is never enough time

Small Farm University HAS EVERYTHING you need to develop yourself and your farm all in one place. 

And for a fraction of the cost of other trainings!
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Small Farm University is built on 4 key areas...

Core Farm Curriculum

Your subscription includes instant access to our RIPEN Roadmap Training System, a proven process for optimizing every area of your small farm in a sequential, step-by-step method that cuts the overwhelm, gives you back your quality of life, and gets you to maximum profitability FAST. 

Rapid-Action Mini Courses

We have 30+ trainings on all sorts of topics to help you grow more efficiently and stay profitable all year round.

 Learn from Michael and other mentor farmers from around the world on everything from winter growing, wash & pack, and farm tech.

Coaching and Mentor Support

Our Q&A calls allow you to submit any question for us to answer in a live video call where we can give you feedback, and point out specific resources that will help you find clarity.

Once a month we sit down one-on-one and help our members achieve breakthroughs for their most important questions in mini-consulting sessions.

Manuals, SOP's and Processes

Need an employee manual? Or a detailed, crop by crop harvest manual? What about a Food Safety plan? 

Farm SOP’s? We share over 20 completed manuals that we’ve used or created for clients that you can easily use as a template and adapt to help train your team! 
Your Small Farm University Membership also includes instant and unlimited access to our growing library of courses:

When you join Small Farm University, you’ll gain access to our curated selection of game-changing courses — ready for you to use and implement whenever you need them, as long as your subscription is active.


Farming is changing rapidly, learn from experts on how to increase business and thrive in the coming years

In this FREE Online Conference, farmers will discover...

​    How farmers, who are in the trenches trying new things, and  rapidly going full-time with their farming dreams

    Deep dives into easy to grow, new, and specialty crops that attract new customers and provide opportunity in untapped markets

    An honest look at where the regenerative farming movement is headed, giving a clear picture of what customers are looking for so farmers can produce what they want and grow in 2021

    How to hire and train a team to ease the daily farm stresses.


These tutorials help you save time, money, and frustration when doing common tasks on the farm...

    LED Perfect Transplant mini-course will help you produce beautiful transplants year-round without an expensive greenhouse.

Normally $47

    Ultimate Germination Chamber tutorial high %, repeatable, germination on crops year-round. Ray Tyler, Erich Schultz, and others are using our method with amazing results.

Normally $47

    Dry Your Greens conversion to help you turn a washing machine into a salad spinner and cut your processing time in 1/2. Featured on The Urban Farmer and used by thousands of small-scale farmers to dry salad, this course

Normally sells for $47

    Build a Bubbler tutorial that takes all the guesswork out of building a bubble washer which helps wash greens, baby roots, and even cucumbers much quicker.

Normally $47

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In the Start Your Farm Intensive, you will flesh out your farm idea, craft your one page business plan, and discover the right funding options for your business.

Some of the Problems Farmers Face are:
  • You don’t know where to start
  • ​Examples are scarce
  • ​A 40 page business plan is overwhelming
  • Funding is confusing and scary
  • You have no clue if your idea is viable
  • ​There is information overload

    The Start Your Farm Intensive will solve your most pressing questions and prepare you for your best path to success! 


Grow your farmers market sales and cultivate more customers with a proven, 4-part system

The Farmers Market Success System is the ONLY COURSE that teaches you how to

  • attract the right customers
  • design a stand that increases sales
  • build your systems to take more time off
...and nurture raving fans!

Farmers markets can be profitable, wildly so in many cases, with some vendors doing well over 4-figures each week!

To achieve this, you need a proven system that breaks down the best practices from markets to make sure that you’re claiming your part of the pie!

... And SO many More! 

Check out our Full Course Catalog

Hear what SFU Members have to say...

"SFU is the best decision we made for our farm..."

"The SFU is an immeasurable benefit..."

"I am now farming less land and 4X'd my revenue"

  • Growing Farmers

    “It hit me that we've almost tripled sales/production while reducing 75% in land size in the last 2 years. I'd call that a win 🙌- Thanks SFU!”

    Paradise Produce Farm

  • Growing Farmers

    “I'm in SFU and working through the RIPEN material right now. Great info! Super helpful as we plan for next year! Thanks Michael!”


  • Growing Farmers

    “Thank you, Michael! SFU is a HUGE part of my toolbox that I'm building this farm with. Thanks for all you do to support all of us! ”

    The Looney Farm

Ray Tyler's Lettuce Masterclass is now included in SFU!

That's a $997 value alone!

Check out Ray’s Lettuce Masterclass here!

Your SFU subscription Includes

  • Access to all courses
  • Workbooks
  • Resources, SOP's and cheat sheets
  • Farmer community & Q+A Sessions
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Pick the price option that best fits your needs:



plus one-time enrollment fee

Ripen Roadmap Core Training ($1997 Value)

Farmers Market Success Training ($997 Value)

Start Your Farm Intensive ($497 Value)

Weekly Q+A with Michael

SOP’s, Manuals, Cheatsheets ($197)

Library of Rapid-Action Mini-Courses ($3997)

One-on-one Strategy Calls ($297)

The SFU Resource Library

New Content Each Month!

BONUS: 8 Years of our personal small farm plans

Cancel Anytime

Total Value $6282+

$97 Enrollment fee today, then $47 monthly

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per year

Ripen Roadmap Core Training ($1997 Value)

Farmers Market Success Training ($997 Value)

Start Your Farm Intensive ($497 Value)

Weekly Q+A with Michael

SOP’s, Manuals, Cheatsheets ($197)

Library of Rapid-Action Mini-Courses ($3997)

One-on-one Strategy Calls ($297)

The SFU Resource Library

New Content Each Month!

BONUS: 8 Years of our personal small farm plans

3 Months Free!

Total Value $6282+




Best Value

Ripen Roadmap Core Training ($1997 Value)

Farmers Market Success Training ($997 Value)

Start Your Farm Intensive ($497 Value)

Weekly Q+A with Michael

SOP’s, Manuals, Cheatsheets ($197)

Library of Rapid-Action Mini-Courses ($3997)

One-on-one Strategy Calls ($297)

The SFU Resource Library

New Content Each Month!

BONUS: 8 Years of our personal small farm plans

Never Pay Again

Total Value $6282+

One-Time $1997

A Message From Michael

Michael Kilptrick

Michael is a farmer, presenter, inventor and leader who lives to help farmers apply business principles and practical, proven solutions to grow their businesses and simplify their lives. He has managed large certified organic farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts, and spoken at dozens of conferences.

He is host of the Thriving Farmer Podcast and Thriving Farmer Summit Series.

Dear Farmer,

Michael Kilpatrick here — Growing Farmers lead and fellow farmer geek. 

When we first started way back in 2003… 
We were probably a lot like you…
To say we were OVERWHELMED would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century.

But through much research, trial and error, and mentorship by some of the best farmers in the US, we achieved our Farm Freedom.
And we want that for you. We created SFU out of the need of our farmers for a continuous support system at an affordable price point. And with the success of hundreds of members, we're excited to be helping to change our food system and impact our communities!

To your small farm freedom,

Your Plan to Succeed

Join Small Farm University
As soon as you join, you'll go through our more time, more money course which will help you identify quick wins for your farm

Watch the courses and engage in the community
Go through the trainings for the stage of farming you are at. This will help you focus on exactly what will move your farm forward

Start Thriving on your farm!
The trainings, resources and community will provide feedback to help you implement what you need to THRIVE!

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Growing Farmers

“Since joining, we’ve been able to expand our market and our farm simultaneously.
The course contents include and go beyond the focus of crop production and into the why and how of running a successful farm business from all angles.

Having access to all this information and other specialists, covering such a vast range of topics from operations & employees through to sales, marketing, and appropriate ICT has been invaluable as we rapidly scale our enterprises.”

Director, Handcrafted Produce

Growing Farmers

“Since joining SFU, we’ve more than doubled our gross income this year over last, and the farm is now contributing to our living expenses. I’m a newer small-scale farmer and knew I had a lot to learn. The content taught inside SFU is relevant to what I do every day, with a focus on production, processing, and marketing. I like that everything is recorded for later viewing if I get busy.

Michael and the team present information well, and while the experts they bring in aren’t the conventional big names, they bring in a wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

Owner, Our Farm on Mont Olivet

We’ve advised some of the best in the industry — on how to streamline their operations, optimize their farming systems, and get more from their hard work.

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I know you’re tired of thinking about your farm 24/7...
So let us help you simplify and streamline your way towards small farm success:
It’s about time you got a battle-tested ROADMAP for getting your small farm to maximum profitability… without the long hours and lost time.

The one thing that separates the successful farmers from the ones who flounder? A system. And SFU gives you that system.


Listen to SFU members tell us what it means to be a part of the community.